Helping Local Businesses Across the Carolinas

Its a part of our DNA

At Byrne Media, local business is in our DNA. We know how valuable your time is, and how many hats you must wear to protect your business investment. We live & serve in the markets we represent & understand how important your local business is to our economy.

Through each partnership, we take pride to learn about your business in an effort that will yield new customers, with measurable return on your investment. Proudly serving the Carolinas since 2006, each of our stations have a very niche, loyal audience, with some of the most trusted voices in the markets we serve. We are equipped to provide you a customized marketing plan, specific to your business objectives. From on-air endorsements, commercial production, and full-service digital marketing platforms, we are positioned to serve as your "local ad agency" from start to finish.

Full-Service Marketing Solutions

Not one local business is the same. Why should your marketing strategy be any different? At Byrne Media we customize each of our marketing solutions, that may include any combinations of the following platforms:


  • 15's, :30's Commercials
  • Long-form videos
  • On-Location Special Features
  • OTT (Over the Top) Advertising


Commercial Production
Live Reads
Endorsements from Local Personalities
Customized Featured


Website Design
Site Retargeting
Search Re-Targeting
Behavioral Targeting
Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)